About Sugaring

Sugaring is a gentle and highly effective method of hair removal. We have a huge passion for it as it is so natural!

An alternative to waxing, the Sugar Paste is made up of only three ingredients: sugar, lemon and water.

The paste is applied to the skin at a lukewarm temperature and folded against the natural grain of the hair. Then, to remove the hair, the paste is pulled away from the skin directly, in the opposite direction in which it was applied. The paste is completely vegan and as it is only heated to room temperature, it is suitable for all skin types. Its highly effective at exfoliating skin without lifting it and our clients report less irritation and bumps!

Sugar paste is so natural it is also biodegradable. When you get sugared with us you are having a completely eco-friendly treatment from start to finish, as even our gloves are biodegradable!