Sugaring FAQ

Sugaring is an Ancient Egyptian method of hair removal that is quickly gaining popularity as a natural alternative to waxing. It is a gentle, effective, all-natural and eco-friendly solution to unwanted hair. Sugar paste is made from just 3 ingredients – sugar, lemon and water – and is only heated to body temperature so its perfect for sensitive skin. The technique of applying and removing the sugar paste so that it removes the unwanted hair takes dedicated and specialised training to master.

Wax contains resins, is applied hot, and removes hair in the opposite direction of growth. Sugar paste is made from just sugar, lemon and water so therefore more natural. As there are no resins, sugar paste doesn’t stick to live skin cells – just the hair and dead skin cells – which means less irritation!

It is removed in the direction of hair growth, and applied at body temperature so there is also reduced redness to the skin after the treatment.

As it is removes hair from the root, you will feel some discomfort. However, as the paste doesn’t stick to the skin and doesn’t remove any live skin cells, it generally hurts much less than waxing.

Like waxing, keeping regular with your sugaring appointments keeps the growth light and more sparse and therefore less painful.

The optimal amount of time between sugaring is 3-4 weeks, however as the sugar paste grabs on to shorter hair better than wax, you don’t have to let your hair grow out as long in between appointments. We offer ‘Top-ups’ within the first 3 weeks after your sugaring treatment, meaning you can go hair free for longer and these Top-up treatments are also at a reduced price.