Once your skin is silky smooth from your wax, add the finishing touch with our all natural organic tan. Vani-t liquid sun is for all skin types. The organic ingredients have anti-aging, hydrating and skin firming properties and provide a perfect bronze complexion.

It fades 80% better than any other tan on the market making it Austrailia’s top celebrity tan. It is also a great anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant so those with eczema and psorasis often benefit fom it natural ingredients.

Alternatively there is our Vani-T Velocity 1 hour tan which can be washed off after an hour leaving no mess on your sheets!

Don’t forget to look at the homecare range available to buy to maintain your tan!

Treatment Price €
Full Body 25
Half Body 23
Velocity 1 Hour Tan 30
Velocity Half Body 20